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Risalamande game – counting down to Christmas – day 21

At my home during the last couple days we were playing this new game we got during the Christmas dinner with my boyfriend’s parents (photo above). It is like an extended version of Tic Tac Toe with that difference that each player has only 3 points. Even though it is pretty simple it makes you think of strategies. Especially because in some cases you can win by moving just two points.

The game was a gift during one of the Danish Christmas traditions called Risalamande. After the delicious dinner, a bowl full of rice with spices popped up on the table. One almond was hidden inside it. The bowl was passed from one person to another. Everyone put as much as they wanted to eat on their plates. The person who found the almond, won the gift.

The Risalamande is pretty thick, so even if you would fish for the almond, you would not be able to spot it. No one found it during the first round so the bowl was passed once again.This is when I figured out that the almond was on my plate. When I was eating it, I made sure, that I left that bite to the end. I wanted to hide it in my mouth until we would go through the third round of the dish. I sat quite quietly, because you can imagine that it is not so easy to speak if you have an almond in your mouth. It took only one question for others to find out who was sitting quietly and hiding the almond. Oh well.

Have you already played any Christmas games, or do you have particular ones planned?