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Moodboard for photo session on the beach

I am happy to say that the new images are coming!

A few days ago I took my friend for a photo session at the beach in Blokhus (which is one of my favourite beaches here). We discussed the photo session for a long time. The initial idea was to take photos of her reading a book (geek alert!) on a swing connected to a tree. Anyways the only available swing in the area was one looking like it was created for Tarzan, so we passed on the idea this time and thus we decided to take photos on a beach.

Imagine someone walking down the sea and sorting out thoughts, dancing on the sand (so did her dress) or interacting with someone special. The image above mirrors the mood we went for: a calm, relaxed feeling with a pinch of elegance. Textures and smooth transitions between colours will have a lot to say in the upcoming photos. Stay tuned, they will come next week.