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Do it with passion or not at all


I spotted today’s Monday quote when I was shopping with my friend in one of my favourite design shops in the town. You know, just one of those shops where everytime you turn around you will see something breathtaking.

Anyways, I saw this quote written in one sans serif font, so I thought that I could add some character to it.

The sentence could be related to many different areas of our lives: school, learning new language, spending quality time with friends, etc. In my case it is all about prioritising. Do you know that feeling when you start your day with a full to-do list and in the end of it you got to point three or four? This is my reality.

So today I printed the quote and placed it in a wooden frame on my desk to remind me that the things which I do not want to “give it all” are maybe not worth doing. Less is more, more is less.