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Last month and monthly goals for January

Hello in the New Year. I hope that you greet this year after a lot of relaxing time with your family and friends.

What is your attitude towards the new beginnings? There is so many articles in the press and Internet about the New Years resolutions. I lately learned that it has something to do with what it is called the fresh start effect, which does not refer to the 1st of January directly, but more generally to the times that symbolise something new, ex. Mondays, first day of new month, etc., but also your birthday. Around those days we are more likely to believe that this time we will not resign from going to the gym twice a week. Ahoy new beginnings!

And ahoy the two camps. On one side those who with sparkles in their eyes filling out the New Year resolutions lists and on the others, who look at them with a sarcastic gaze. I am a bit curious on which side you would place yourself.

I like to set goals, but also to analyse what has happened in the previous period of time and to think about both positive and negative aspects, to feel joy, but at the same time to figure out what can be done to avoid the negative things the next time.

Dried oranges

This is the part of my Monthly goals series on the blog. Follow the link to read about the benefits of setting goals in this way.

As you might have noticed on the blog, my December was filled with a lot of Christmas content. This was both fun and educational, because writing, taking photos, and publishing content for many days in a row teached me some things that I want to share in one of the future blog posts. Beside that, I got to spend the last week of December in Poland. I happened to drive home for Christmas with some of my family members with Chris Rea singing on the radio. And if that would not be enough, it started snowing outside. But apart from the cosy time, I also spend three days at a dentist.

Polish Christmas traditions

Anyway, let’s get to the summarise. For December I set those three goals:


  • Counting down to Christmas on the blog

This was the biggest one last month. It wasn’t the easiest and if I am being honest, I am not glad from all of the posts that were created during that time. Some topics seemed to be too trivial and some photos were definitely rushed, but overaly I am happy that I was able to pull it all off.


  • Have some nice time with family and friends



  • Make a blanket

In the end it did not work out with making the blanket. Even though that we were prepared to do it. We ordered wool (10 kilos), watched tons of tutorials, but before the day we were supposed to do it, I had to have my tooth removed. And let’s just say that when that happens, you do not really want to move too much.

Monthly goals for January

It feels like the January goals are quite big, but hey, didn’t I mention the fresh start effect in the beginning of this post?

  • Find danish teacher or sign up for a course

This is the biggest one for me. I would like to find someone who I can chat with in danish and ask some grammar questions when in doubt.

  • Read D3.js book

When I went to Poland I bought some books. I really like to read books in my mother language. This particular book is related to one library that I really enjoyed working with at my job, so I want to find out some more features that are not so obvious.

  • Sign up for a gym and go there at least once per week

I got some nice gym clothes for Christmas, so there is no more excuses to postpone that one.

  • Write 4 blog posts

After the Counting down to Christmas series I am quite confident that consistency will not be a problem anymore.

How about you? Do you also feel the fresh start effect?