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Last month and monthly goals for December

Since it is the end of the month, it is a good time to summarise what has happened during the last days and think of what will happen next. I enjoyed spending some of my November in the nature and preparing some of the autumn treats. Wet Heavt Brownie receipe

Last month I started on the blog series Monthly goals. Follow the link to read about the benefits of setting goals in this way and my plans for the last month.

When it comes to the goals from November, I cannot say that I filled out all of them. But let’s not focus on the negative side, because I can check most of the goals from the list.

  • Read one Danish book

I started reading a book that I planned to read for such a long time. I did not finish it, but now that I think of it, maybe it was not the best idea to choose for starters a book that has way over 500 pages. I got to the page 145. Anyway, I will continue this month.


  • Run at least once in the weekends

I ran twice. Short distances, but I will definitely continue on that.


  • Write 2 posts

The post you are reading now is the second one since I wrote Monthly goals. Checked!


  • Weekly shopping during the weekends

Checked! This helps saving time during the week and also you don’t have to think about what to eat every day.


  • Make a list of Christmas gifts for the close ones

I made a list and also have to say that I have already bought some gifts. It is on!

Monthly goals for December

Monthly goals for December

When it comes to the goals for the upcoming month, I plan to continue the goals from the last month and I will mostly focus on three aspects.

  • Counting down to Christmas on the blog

That will be a big one this month. I have decided to write a post every day for the next 24 days to count down to Christmas. There  will be a lot of creative projects, some tips and tricks, and inspirational posts. This year we are going to my family in Poland for Christmas. So there is something to wait for!


  • Have some nice time with family and friends

In the end of December there will be some time to slow down and think what I want to be involved in during the next year.


  • Make a blanket

Together with my mom we found this blanket we want to make together. If it will work out, I will share a photo of it in the next Monthly goals.

How about your next month? Have you made any exciting plans for the upcoming month? Writing them down makes them feel more real. I know what I am talking about.