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Is that what you are really missing


Last week when I filled out an application I reminded myself about the typography classes I really liked during studying at my previous university. Those classes were specific in the way that they were conducted based on questions to the students unlike answers as it happens during most of lectures. So imagine the situation, where you are asked to make a project and the only feedback you are getting are questions returned back to you or your fellow students, who are on the same level of understanding as you are. During the course I was coming back home with more questions than I had before going to the lecture. And you know what? It was not a bad thing at all. At the end of the course I found out that, especially, when it comes to artistic subjects, it seems that all of the answers are inside of us. We just need to find specific questions to ask ourselves and be honest when answering.

So here it comes, the first typography project from my new series Monday Quote. The series features motivational phrases which stuck in my head for some reason.

Today’s quote is about our constant excuses that we are unprepared to do something until we have more/bigger/better skills or equipment.

– I need to have shoes for running before I will start training

– Without a better camera I should not start making videos for YouTube

– I cannot speak with this guy because he is much smarter than I am..

Sometimes we are lost in our thoughts about our current situation and how far we are from our goals, such that we cannot clearly see that we are not at the beginning of our journeys. A few more steps can take us to the place where we will reach our goals. The phrase can remind us that maybe you do not have it all, but you have enough to take the next steps down the path.