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Holidays compact camera Canon G7X mark I

Holidays camera – Canon G7X mark I

I lately bought the Canon G7X mark I and today I am going to share my thoughts about it as well as guide you through the reasons why I decided to go for this one. It is a very interesting holidays camera to consider if you are thinking of getting one.

What camera are you looking for?

The main reason for buying it was to use a camera more often. My other camera, a Nikon D90 is relatively heavy and before going to some interesting locations I was always questioning myself “aaaa.. do I really want to carry it with me”. Another thing that bothered me with my DSLR was the video quality, where you can start to feel its age. Lately I got more interested in making videos, you can see them in my Event of the week playlist. Apart from that, it was also important to me to choose a camera which my boyfriend could conquer, while at the same time being advanced enough for me to take control and make my photos better when I want to. It is a good idea that before buying a camera you make a list with what it is that you are looking for. To sum up, the criteria for choosing my camera were:

  • easy to use, but without limiting manual control
  • weight
  • good video
  • easy way to transfer photos from the camera
  • bright lens

During my search for a camera I found a couple of models to consider. I will not mention them, even though it is not a sponsored post. I just do not want to write about them since I don’t have first hand experience with them.

A lot can be said about the specifications and functionalities of the Canon G7X mark I. If you are interested, check the specs, but in my post I want to underline some which I find useful when considering a holidays camera. All of the photos and videos in this post, besides the photos of the camera itself, were taken using the Canon G7X and they were not post produced.


The camera weight is 302g including the battery. The dimensions are 103 x 60 x 40mm (4.1 x 2.4 x 1.6in) and it actually fits in most of my pockets :).

Thanks to the button on the side of the camera, if you set it up, you are able to transfer your photos and videos to your phone and computer using WiFi. The camera can even create a temporary wireless network that can be used when out of reach of your normal wireless network.


The auto settings are really good and it allows you to take bright, colourful photos (my bf is very glad about this), so if you do not really want to care about the camera settings and have satisfying photos, this camera is a good choice.

The camera can shoot in RAW format. Generally speaking, RAW format gives you more possibilities when post producing photos. If you want to read more about it, check the 10 reasons why you should be shooting Raw. It should be noted that the auto-mode does not allow you to take photos in RAW format, but if you change to either of these it’s fine: Custom (C), Manual (M), Aperture Priority AE (Av), Shutter Speed priority AE (TV) or Program AE (P).

The built-in lens is bright (1:1.8 – 2.8) which allows it to take bright photos, but also take photos when it is getting dark. The lower the number the brighter photos you can get. It is especially useful in low light conditions such as indoors or when the sun goes down.

Holidays compact camera Canon G7X mark I compact camera Canon G7X mark I compact camera Canon G7X mark I

The camera offers both analog and digital zoom. To give you an example of the reach of the zoom I’ll show you these two shots I took the other day on the beach. The shots are taken standing in the same place.

Holidays compact camera Canon G7X mark I Holidays compact camera Canon G7X mark I

If you care about the quality of your photographs, it is better to stick to the analog zoom. If you cannot see the difference on the camera screen, you will see it when looking at your photos on a larger screen or when printed. The other day I was on a beach and took these two photos using zoom and standing in the same place.


I am happy about the quality of the video. It has  good autofocus and autofocus tracking, so you do not have to worry about keeping the person/object in focus throughout the video. The camera does it for you.

Below you can see three short videos done in different light conditions (indoors, daylight, and evening).

Image stabilization is very good. You have to shake the camera a lot to see the edgy shakes on your film. But as far as you walk slowly, the video turns out great.

One functionality which I enjoy a lot is that you can click on the screen to change the focus of the video while filming. It gives you those artsy effects 🙂

This camera will be also good if you want to make videos of yourself because you can flip the screen 180 degrees to the top, to see how you look and what is in your frame. You need to be careful with this though because it is tempting to keep staring at the screen rather than the lens while recording, which will be visible on your video.


The sound quality is not perfect. When you shoot in windy conditions it’ll be hard to hear any talking. Besides, when you change the settings of your camera while filming the clicking sound will be apparent in the recording.


So far, I found one thing that I am not happy about. During sunny days it is difficult to see anything on the screen. I found that it helps a bit if you cover it with your hand.


To summarise, if you are looking for a good compact holidays camera, which can take good photos and videos indoors, outdoors, when it is dark outside as well as when it is getting dark, you can definitely consider the Canon G7X. If you are thinking of it, you can also consider the newer version, mark II. THiNK Media TV reviewed it in G7X Mark II vs. G7X Review – is it worth upgrading and also summarises the differences in both cameras.

Did you have any experiences with good compact cameras? If so, let me know in the comments below.