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29 ideas to make December more festive

29 ideas for December – counting down to Christmas – day 2


Todays post is all about ideas to make waiting for Christmas more cosy. It does not have to be anything big. December can be busy, especially if you haven’t started thinking about the gifts yet. But finding a little time for yourself daily can bring the atmosphere of December straight to your doormat.

Below, you will find a long list of propositions to include in the December Calendar. Yesterday I talked about brainstorming the ideas to fill it up, but if you still have some empty spaces in it, check out the list below for inspirations. Take the ones that can bring you joy.

  1. Spend one evening in a cosy sweater reading favourite book
  2. Learn how to play the best Christmas carol or Christmas song that you know on an instrument or learn the lyrics
  3. Go to the forest and collect some materials for Christmas decorations
  4. Make yourself a Christmas coffee or treat yourself with one from a favourite cafe
  5. Make a plan for gifts for the close ones before going to the shops
  6. Wear a Christmas styled sweater
  7. Find a creative way to pack your Christmas gifts
  8. Watch a Christmas movie
  9. Create a playlist with festive Christmas songs
  10. Write to a person you haven’t met for a long time
  11. Organize a funny Christmas photoshoot with your friends
  12. Thank people who made your year better (a Thank You card is always a nice gesture)
  13. Go to the Christmas market in your city and try capturing it from an interesting perspective
  14. Take photos of your city’s Christmas decorations
  15. Decorate a Christmas tree while listening to Christmas songs
  16. Find a way to count down to Christmas
  17. Remind yourself of your childhood Christmas memories
  18. Make a Christmas styled coffee/tea/hot chocolate
  19. Find a Christmas DIY project that you can do with your close ones
  20. Find some ideas for DIY projects that can be used as gifts
  21. Decorate your home
  22. Send a card/letter for friends that live far away and that you will not be able to meet during Christmas, but to whom you always send best wishes
  23. Create a photo album with the nicest photos from the Christmas time
  24. Arrange a little Christmas time with your friends
  25. Play a Christmas game with your friends and family
  26. Summarize the year with your best friendnd talk about plans to make the next one even better
  27. Make new years resolutions
  28. Bake a cake/muffins with spices that remind you of Christmas
  29. Find a new recipe for the cake that you make every year

Do you have any special plans to make December more festive? Now it is your time to grab a coffee and plan your time.